The world’s first one-stop blockchain financial investment consulting platform

Based on blockchain technology, it links global financial markets, and perfectly connects the stock market and the currency markets. With more than 50 world-class financial giants as think tanks, it provides the most innovative and diversified trading varieties, such as futures, crude oil, gold, digital currency, stock securities, funds, etc. The unique W-ios smart investment consulting system is based on the blockchain smart contract, tracking the top 100 fund investment products, with the highest returns in the world, using big data, providing the users with a portfolio reference, to bring the best returns on their investments.
W-ios Smart Investment Consulting System
The platform transactions are based on blockchain smart contracts. Once the transaction starts, it will be carried out according to the smart contract. Based on blockchain technology, WINSOR MASTER has achieved the vision of a true financial derivatives interface. On our platform, not only can users invest in digital currencies, but also in traditional financial products such as stocks. The currency market and the stock market are thus fully connected and perfectly linked.
Technology Advantages
The WS blockchain financial investment scheme has excellent advantages compared to traditional centralized schemes. WINSOR is the right choice for a brilliant digital financial future.
Evaluation Traditional
WS Blockchain
(Blockchain System) Feature Description
Level of
Extremely high Extremely low Does not rely on third parties, uses its own distributed nodes for network data storage, verification and transmission
Reliability of
Medium High The verification result is the accepted result of more than half of the nodes, and will not be affected by any malicious tampering of a few nodes
Security Medium High Damage to a single node will not affect the operation of the entire system
Level of trust Medium Extremely low Data exchange between each node participating in the entire system is not required to trust each other
Transparency Low Extremely high The operation rules of the whole system are transparent and all data are open
Rather high Low The data blocks in the system are maintained by all nodes with a maintenance function in the whole system
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