About Us
WINSOR (Winsor Investment Group), is a long-established UK financial group with a century-old business. It has an incomparable history and has worked closely with world financial giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Google to develop various financial service projects. Due to the development of the blockchain and financial technology (fintech), WINSOR has launched the WINSOR MASTER financial investment platform, aiming to continuously meet the investment needs of global users and create the maximum investment value.

WINSOR group works within the concept of value investments. It invests in equities, fixed income schemes and various forms of alternative assets on a global scale, in order to achieve its economic and financial goals. Its investments are mainly concentrated in the world's emerging economies, the growing social middle class, emerging leading enterprises, etc. The industries invested in cover a wide range, including financial services, aviation, telecommunications, media and technology, transportation and industry, consumer goods, real estate, energy and resources, cultural creativity, etc.

WINSOR focuses on current development trends and the future expansion of the mobile Internet. It uses its advanced financial technology, combined with blockchain technology and smart contracts, along with the interactive form and trust mechanism of digital assets, to create a new W-ios smart investment system. This is an intelligent, efficient and modularized solution for multi-dimensional financial investment applications and sharing in a multi-functional, blockchain business ecosystem. The system solution is committed to building the world's leading blockchain financial application ecosystem, enabling this financial platform to break through the traditional financial order and create a new financial system with the help of science and technology.
The world's first one-stop blockchain financial investment consulting platform

Based on blockchain technology, it links global financial markets, and perfectly connects the stock market and the currency markets. With more than 50 world-class financial giants as think tanks, it provides the most innovative and diversified trading varieties, such as futures, crude oil, gold, digital currency, stock securities, funds, etc. The unique W-ios smart investment consulting system is based on the blockchain smart contract, tracking the top 100 fund investment products, with the highest returns in the world, using big data and the blockchain smart contract it provides the users with a portfolio reference, to bring the best returns on their investments.

The precisely targeted tracking system makes the customer’s portfolio profile more accurate and personalized. The customer's deposit are professionally managed, with a deposit operation system, low management fees, and a dynamically balanced investment portfolio, and combined with timely and effective transaction execution, it makes the W-ios system a winner across the world. Not only can WINSOR MASTER set stop losses automatically, but it also uses blockchain leverage to arrange the proportion of funds, balancing profit and loss, reducing risk and providing a core guarantee for users.
1 stop solution
After the user establishes an account on the platform, he can use the WS smart robot to trade. Regardless of what financial products the user holds, he can trade with different derivatives. It opens up the opportunity for global financial investments and allowing him to invest freely around the world.
3 advantages of Investment Consulting
Automatic stop loss
Users can set the stop point according to the past K-line chart of investment. When the loss of the investment target reaches the stop point, the system will automatically sell the target for users.
Portfolio investment
Through the scientific calculation of big data, we can get the best portfolio, which can balance the profit and loss to the maximum extent and reduce the risks.
Blockchain leverage
It can enlarge the scale of users' funds to the greatest extent, and let users expand their portfolio from a small amount.
5 user guarantees
Six Platform Highlights
  • Becoming the first all financial investment platform in the world.
  • Building a financial trading platform based on the underlying technology of the blockchain.
  • Establishing an innovative social investment community and disrupting traditional asset management modes.
  • Providing innovative financial trading products and services.
  • Establishing a global financial ecosystem to connect large financial institutions around the world.
  • Realizing a high transparency, high interaction, low threshold and low-cost trading platform.
Advantages Comparison
Advantage comparison between W-ios intelligent investment system and AI smart robot
AI Smart Robot W-ios Smart Investment Consulting System
Tracking system Can only monitor the market situation,
can't track it
Can track top 100 most profitable investment products in the world
Coverage area Only for high net worth people Covering the majority of people with high, medium and low net worth
Service transparency High High
Timeliness High, 24 / 7 monitoring market changes High, 24 / 7 monitor market changes and responds in a timely manner
Customized portfolio Single asset pool only Personalized portfolios can be recommended from alternative asset pools
Objectivity General, susceptible to subjective emotions High, completely based on big data and AI output investment decisions
Returns 15% - 20% Up to 30%
Transaction volume Can only make intelligent judgments
and make transactions
Import trading rules and data power to play the UHF secret trading volume
Strategic Planning——Global Financial Ecosystem
  • Q1

    Enter into the world's leading economies, release in Europe, and the Asian market being the first to launch.

  • Access to global financial user traffic

  • Q3

    WS global digital financial ecosystem construction complete

  • Global launch of WS digital wallet

  • Q1

    Successfully connect with major exchanges and financial institutions around the world